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kimberley camp4ever sustainable camping products BLOG header offroad camping solar panels lithium batteries Kimberley Smart Weight saving is all about reducing weight on your off-road camper trailer, off-road caravan or your 4WD. You can achieve amazing weight savings using super thin solar panels and lithium batteries. To learn more about Kimberley Smart Weight saving watch the short video below. Bruce Loxton, owner of Kimberley Group, takes you on a quick tour overview of the super thin solar panels and lithium batteries you can use to achieve significant weight savings. Replace AGM with Lithium batteries and Achieve significant weights savings lithium batteries vs AGM batteriesMost modern off-road camper trailers and caravans use AGM batteries. These batteries are a good choice for your average application as they are compact, sealed, low maintenance and can withstand deep cycling (at least 50%). But they are HEAVY. A typical 35Ahr AGM battery can weigh 11kg! This weight quickly stacks up when you consider an average camper trailer or caravan may require 4-6 of them. Lightweight Lithium batteries are now available to replace these heavy AGMs. The Kimberley 42Ahr Lithium battery shares the same footprint as the 35Ahr AGM batteries we have supplied for years. These are less than half the weight of the AGMs at only 5kg each! Plus these amazing batteries can be discharged to 90% so you can access so much more of the energy stored within them. Here's a short example of how much weight you can save with these Lithium Batteries. Take a 6 x 35Ahr (210Ahr) AGM battery installation in a camper trailer. This would weigh at least 66kg just in batteries alone. Now replace those with Kimberley's lightweight lithium batteries - you only need 4 x 42Ahr (168Ahr) to achieve the same usable capacity. This would weigh only 20kg! That's a saving of 46kg! Use Super Thin Solar Panels to save weight and reduce drag glass vs super thin solar panelsGlass-based solar panels are efficient and work really well on top of buildings. However, buildings don't get towed along through the air like caravans! Super thin solar panels use a layered sandwich construction that removes the need for heavy glass. When you remove the need for glass you no longer need a thick (at least 25mm) aluminium frame for protection and mounting. Super thin solar panels are only about 3mm thick! Super thin solar panels can be mounted directly to the roof of a caravan or vehicle canopy which reduces your wind drag and helps improve fuel economy - save money on your fuel bill. You'll also save weight with super thin solar panels. A typical 50W glass solar panel weighs at least 5kg and is 25mm thick. Kimberley Super Thin solar panels can be 55W, 1.6kg and only 3mm thick. That's a weight saving of more than 60%. The Kimberley Kruiser full-size off-road caravan uses Super Thin solar panels and lithium batteries to achieve a weight saving of up to 274kg! Kimberley have a range of super thin flexible solar panels that can be bonded directly to the roof of camper vans, pop top caravans as well as most off road campers and caravans. They start as small as 13W and as large as 540W array of panels on their new Kimberley Kruiser Black Caviar off road caravan.
Table of size and weights available:
All Panels 1.8mm Thin Max. Output Power in Watts Can be joined to form a maximum size of Length Width Weight in kg of each peice
13.3W 13.3W 120W 450mm 300mm 0.6kg
13.5W (more square) 13.5W 125W 900mm 150mm 0.6kg
52W 52W 310W 1250mm 310mm 1.6kg
55W 55W 330W 1050mm 370mm 1.6kg
88W 88W 528W 1232mm 738mm 4.1kg
90W 90W 540W 1150mm 620mm 3.1kg
Kimberley super thin solar panels fitted to Kimberley Karavan off-road caravan (L) - 156W Flexible Super Thin Solar Panel Kit for camping and off-road camper trailers (M) - Super thin solar panels installed on canopy of Toyota Hilux ute (R). super thin solar panels on caravan super thin solar panels with off-road camper trailer describe the image   kimberley lithium batteries for campingThe combination with Lithium batteries is a natural fit. Lithium batteries have a charge efficiency of more than 95% and charge much faster than traditional AGM or Lead Acid batteries which have a charge efficiency in the 60% range. This means that when solar power is available, you can transfer this power charging Lithium batteries in less time. With solar, time is one of the most important parameters. To learn more about Camp4Ever Super Thin Solar and Lithium Batteries download the ebook below: 8aee6555-a919-4fb2-87ed-8886af00acf0.png   Cameron Johnston | Camp4Ever
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