Guide to Silent & Superlight Fuel Cells

Why invest in a Fuel Cells for your off-road camper trailer or caravan? Guide-to-Silent-Superlight-Fuel-Cells

This eBook is a thorough guide to the advantages and disadvantages of fuell cells for off-road applications.

You will read that the stored energy is safer and easier to handle than petrol or LPG. Methanol has the LOWEST wetght of 4 different sources. It is only 3% of the weight of an equivalent lead acid battery energy source.

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The EFOY fuel cell operation is Automatic and simple to use.

The Chapters are:

1. Performance Advantage
2. Testimonial off-road in Central Australia
3. The Technology behind EFOY Fuel Cells
4. Fuel Cartridges
5. What are the figures of weight, power and capacity?
6. Summary of what can be operated by a Fuel cell in an off road camper trailer or caravan
7. Installation Photos
8. Test results
9. Local Modification for high ambient temperatures
10. Performance Expectations and Recommendation
11. Technical details
12. Summary of Advantages and Disadvantages
The recommendations include the weight of a complete setup for the lowest weight and longest life.